Hen & Hog

At the peak of the summer heat this past week, my friends and I decided to go to Nuvali. We planned to go wake boarding, have a dip in the pool, and check out the restaurants in the area. Unfortunately, I was unable to do the activities concerning the water because, suddenly, Aunt Flow came to visit. So instead, I opted to enjoy the trip to Ayala Malls Solenad. We were all so hungry and tired from the drive to-and-fro, we were truly looking forward to dinner.

After walking around for awhile, we came across Hen & Hog. The restaurant was modern and simplistic with a long couch against the left-hand wall, an assortment of chairs in different colors and styles throughout the area, and clean-cut white tables for each. The placard on display showed group meals for 3-5 people, which happened to be perfect for us, but it was the impressive pictures of dishes, across their glass walls, that reeled us in.

We sampled a serving set consisting of Rolled Pork Belly slices, cooked somewhat tender on the inside but a delicate crisp on the skin, on top of what could be homemade liver or sweet lechon sauce, with garlic and bay (laurel) leaves. Buttered Shrimp that were easy-to-peel and tasted exquisite in its rich sauce. Lechon Kawali cubes with truly crispy skin, thick fat trimming, and tender meat on top of a squash puree. And, Java Rice that was strikingly yellow and flavorful served in a bandehado. Plus, a free pitcher of Iced Tea!

The meal was copious for only P 1,575! The group meal for 5 originally came with a chicken dish – but we wanted to try the two pork dishes. And, you have a choice between java rice, garlic rice, or plain rice. It was such a delight to find that we could customize our meal set.

Overall, if you’re in the area, we recommend you drop by and see what the place has to offer. If you’ve been here before, let us know what you ordered and how you liked it! xoxo